Netatalk 3 and Solaris 11.1

Trouble started when I updated a year-old Oracle Solaris install to the current version (11.1), along with napp-it. The upgrade was uneventful, but after rebooting I could not access the AFP shares on the server.

Just in case someone runs into a similar situation, here’s some pertinent tidbits:

  • Netatalk 3 has trouble with Bonjour/ZeroConf; a fix from Netatalk is apparently in the works*
  • current AFP implementation from Netatalk 3 is clearly faster
  • automatic install by the napp-it shell is not complete (requires manual editing of afp.conf); also tried a developer preview of the 0.9 version
  • there is a possibility of confusion, as the old (Netatalk 2.2) and the new (3.0) configuration files reside in different directories; more on this below

The procedure to mend the Netatalk situation is as follows (the prompt is for clarity)

; login as root
; try the "afpd -v" command from the shell
; prompt, and note the location of the OLD
; configuration files -- this is NOT
; the current afpd daemon! (ignore!)
; run the ACTIVE afpd daemon using:
root# /usr/local/sbin/afpd -v
; note the location of "afp.conf"
; in the output, and edit using
; your favorite editor
root# nano /usr/local/etc/afp.conf 
root# cp /etc/pam.d/other /etc/pam.d/netatalk
; enter information on the [Global]
; section using my afp.conf for reference
; this is unrelated, but important for some:
; restart the rsync service, if required
root# svcadm enable -r rsync
root# reboot

After the above steps, I can click on the share links (on the desktop or, in my case, on a Dragthing panel) and open the volumes on the server, as before.

*addendum, Jan 10: the fix for AFP login is included, as per above link


– pertinent netatalk docs, along with an upgrade guide; had a lot of difficulty understanding them, but it was important to study the options

– starting section of my afp.conf that finally worked:

 ; Global server settings
 vol preset = default_for_all
 uam list =,,
 save password = no
 zeroconf = yes
 file perm = 0666
 directory perm = 0777
; [Homes]
 ; basedir regex = /xxxx
 ; [My AFP Volume]
 ; path = /path/to/volume
# Lycabettus-specific stuff follows...
# My shares are specified below
# note that no user restrictions
# are applied (this is a personal server)
 path = /astra/BinX102
 path = /astra/DaVinci
# ... more servers follow ...

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