A Solaris box for backup

This writeup is from October, 2008 and has limited (perhaps only historical) value. More

Netatalk 3 and Solaris 11.1

Trouble started when I updated a year-old Oracle Solaris install to the current version (11.1), along with napp-it. The upgrade was uneventful, but after rebooting I could not access the AFP shares on the server.

Just in case someone runs into a similar situation, here’s some pertinent tidbits:

  • Netatalk 3 has trouble with Bonjour/ZeroConf; a fix from Netatalk is apparently in the works*
  • current AFP implementation from Netatalk 3 is clearly faster
  • automatic install by the napp-it shell is not complete (requires manual editing of afp.conf); also tried a developer preview of the 0.9 version
  • there is a possibility of confusion, as the old (Netatalk 2.2) and the new (3.0) configuration files reside in different directories; more on this below

The procedure to mend the Netatalk situation is as follows (the prompt is for clarity) More

mini-PCI eSATA cards and Solaris 11

Problem: how to expand storage in a budget Solaris server.

Solution: add an eSATA card and attach a multiple-bay enclosure; the only prerequisites are for the card to be (a) supported natively, (b) affordable and (c) be compatible with port-multiplication.

Surprisingly, this was not a trivial task. Affordable (i.e. < €50) cards are abundant these days, but when it comes to Solaris derivatives one must look back to the chipsets that were introduced quite some time ago. More

Hello, world

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