ASM1061-based PCIe cards, for OS X Mojave and Catalina

These days, ASM1061-based designs are, to my knowledge, the only affordable (i.e. <$100) PCIe cards for direct-attached eSATA storage on Macs. There has been no need for additional drivers, and they work seamlessly on vanilla OSX86 systems. Thunderbolt and USB-C are still quite expensive and flakey (on hacks).

The only issue is their behavior regarding port-multiplier-aware enclosures: only one disk is recognized (usually the one on the top bay), rendering the box useless.

This, however, can easily be fixed (on Sierra, onwards to High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina) by applying a AppleAHCIPort kext patch in Clover, as follows:

Find    --> 40600200
Replace --> 00000000

This can be implemented by including this kext patch on Clover’s config.plist:

	<string>ALPM IO Error AppleAHCIPort</string>

Don’t forget to use “10.14.x” (or a blank string) for Mojave, though, or it won’t work!

(thanks to vit9696 for this; more information can be found on, toward the bottom of the page).

SiliconImage3132-based eSATA mini PCI cards and OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

The drivers provided by Sonnet, for their mini-PCI eSATA card (which is based on the archaic Silicon Image 3132 chip) haven’t been updated for years, but appear to work fine with Mountain Lion.

The problem, in my setup, was that OS X would not sleep at the specified interval, i.e. the driver disabled automatic sleep.

The terminal command “pmset -g assertions” indicated that an external disk was mounted and, sure enough, all disks attached to the eSATA card appeared as external (i.e. had orange icons) in Disk Utility. More