PACS and a network DICOM viewer for cardiology (under Windows)

Objective: deploy an office-based PACS server for a colleague; must be Windows-based; make it as simple as possible, but also powerful enough for clinical use; (optionally), enable integration with Filemaker-based EMR programs*

*shameless plug: if you’re a cardiologist using Filemaker, try our eAtreio solution!

Ingredients: CONQUEST PACS server, ClearCanvas viewer, Onis viewer, Synedra viewer

Recipe: First, we should obtain all necessary components from their source.

  • CONQUEST – is a public-domain DICOM server written by  Marcel van Herk and Lambert Zijp at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. It is multi-platform and, as far as I can tell, well-supported. Compared to the other free options (KPACS et al), I think it’s the better one.
  • ClearCanvas – this is commercial software from an established Canadian firm, but a community edition is available for personal use without limitations; I must say that their policy of providing a (comprehensive) network viewer for free (and FOSS too!) is commendable! We’ll be using it mainly to send CDs to the PACS server but also for basic viewing and JPEG/AVI export
  • Onis – again a limited version of a commercial DICOM client with a lot of features; can upload to Conquest, as well as view angiograms; in fact, it may represent the optimal first station for the patient CDs (view them, store them locally, and then send them to Conquest at the end of the day)
  • Synedra – another commercial DICOM viewer, this time from Austria. This viewer is, in my humble opinion, the absolute best Windows-based viewer for a cardiology practice; it’s also free in its basic configuration More